Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort – there are a variety of things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that this day is perfect for the bride and groom – from the wedding dress to the bridesmaids’ outfits and the food. This is why it usually takes at least a few months to put everything together. 

You may have most of the details for your wedding planned but where is it all going to happen? One of the most important (and most difficult!) factors to choose is the location of the ceremony. The venue where you have your wedding can make the difference between a dreamy wedding and something to forget. Many brides and grooms envision the sunset and the ocean on their special day, but this may not be the wedding venue for everyone. This article will provide you with a list of photo-worthy venues to host your wedding so that you decide on the location of this special event.

Sintra, Portugal

Venues to host your wedding in Europe, Sintra Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country that offers a range of different scenery, perfect for a wedding day. Although this is a small country, there is great versatility as every city and town looks different. However, Sintra has been named one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This location is known for the 19th-century romanticist architecture, dewy forests, and curvy mountains, which will make you feel like you are living a fairytale on your special day. 

London, England

Venues to host your wedding in Europe, London England

If you are looking to feel like a queen/king on this amazing day, why not head to the city where the English royal family is from? London can be slightly more expensive, but it is certainly worth the money. The beautiful surroundings and unique architecture in this place will make for mesmerizing photos and memories that you will never forget. Just consider the weather if you decide to have your wedding here, as it may not be dry enough for you to have an outdoor wedding.

Ibiza, Spain

Venues to host your wedding in Europe, Ibiza Spain

When people think of Ibiza, most people think of partying and fun and although this is certainly a great location to have your bachelor/ bachelorette party, it is also an incredible place to marry your other half. Ibiza has beautiful scenery, and you can tie the knot facing the clear blue water and on a white sand beach. It is recommended that you look for Ibiza wedding venues here so that you can find the perfect one for you. It can be overwhelming trying to find the location that you truly love, but in a location such as Ibiza, you cannot go wrong. 

Paris, France

Venues to host your wedding in Europe, Paris France

What better way to spend the most special day of your life than to do it in the city of love? Paris is a common location of choice for couples who want to go on romantic getaways. You can take advantage of the amazing views this area offers by getting married in one of the many venues available in the area. Paris certainly oozes beauty and romance, making it the perfect combination for a perfect wedding. 

Venice, Italy

Venues to host your wedding in Europe, Venice Italy

Italy is a very popular venue for weddings as many individuals travel to this location specifically to tie the knot. There are many areas within this country to choose from, but hosting your wedding in Venice certainly is at the top of the list. There is a good reason for this. You and your soulmate will be surrounded by villages and towns with a unique beauty that are full of history. The scenic vineyards, the castles, and the fact that you may be surrounded by water will provide you with mesmerizing backgrounds for your photos as well. If you prefer a wedding in a church, you will have plenty of beautiful churches and cathedrals to choose from too.

Maui, Hawai

Can you imagine celebrating your special day whilst facing some of the most stunning settings? Maui in Hawaii makes a great wedding venue, particularly if you want something more intimate. This is a quiet area and surrounded by nature with an enchanting vibe – you can definitely take amazing photographs to be part of your wedding photo album. 

Venues to host your wedding in Hawaii

Udaipur, India

You may know that Indian culture has one of the most beautiful weddings and celebrations, full of color and joy. This is something that you can experience by choosing this location as the venue for you to get married. Udaipur in India is incredibly romantic as you face numerous temples, which offer the ultimate backdrop for a magical wedding.

Venues to host your wedding in India

Deciding your wedding venue can be one of the most difficult decisions to make as this will set the tone for the rest of the day. Hopefully, the list of locations provided above will give you some inspiration for your wedding venue, but there are plenty more to choose from.


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