We all love flowers, whether as decorations for the apartment or as a gift – flowers create a good mood. So it’s no wonder that they are a must-have at weddings. Celebration without flowers would be somehow joyless and not complete. But which flowers are most often picked for weddings? We have looked deep into the topic and compiled the most popular flowers for the bridal bouquet and wedding decorations.


Roses can be found in almost every bridal bouquet. People love roses because they are simply timelessly beautiful, have the perfect shape, and can be easily combined with all other flowers. Another advantage: roses delivery in Barcelona is available all year round and flowers themselves come in many colors and shapes, from slender and small to large.


popular flowers for weddings

Eucalyptus might seem like an unusual choice but you will be surprised how much it is used in weddings and especially in bridal bouquets. This green foliage comes in several varieties: large leaves, small leaves, matte or glossy. The eucalyptus is a real universal plant and fits everything. Due to the big hype around vintage weddings, it has made a huge comeback. Many brides order bouquets made only of eucalyptus and it is also very popular for table decorations and wedding arches.


Peonies are the reason some people get married in spring. They are beautiful and extremely popular with brides. Their great scent and large, fluffy blooms are perfect in a bouquet and make simply stunning table decorations, enchanting everyone and everything with their beauty. The great thing about peonies is that they also work wonderfully on their own. The only downside is that the peony is a sensitive little thing when it gets very warm.


The round, double flower heads of the ranunculus make a perfect addition to any bridal bouquet. Ranunculus comes in many colors, from bright yellow to delicate cream and white. What is especially great about ranunculus is its beautiful shape, which can be perfectly combined with other flowers. The only disadvantage is the seasonality of the flower, as they are only available for a limited time of the year in the spring. For winter weddings, some of them are already available and all spring brides definitely get to enjoy this wonderful flower.


Veilweed has come and gone out of fashion more times than you can count. In recent years it has become the dull accompaniment of the red roses. And even though the combination with red roses has strongly influenced the image of this delicate flower, today anyone can make it the star of the wedding if they desire.

A big advantage of veilweed is its year-round availability. It is also particularly pretty in table decorations. It looks particularly beautiful placed in small containers. For all-white weddings and summer garden weddings, this decoration idea is perfect.


popular flowers for weddings

Hydrangeas are among the most popular flowers for wedding decorations. The puffy flowers exude romance and softness, making them perfect for such a celebration. The flower is in its ideal state when it feels “firm”. But beware, the hydrangea is very sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Therefore, it needs a lot of water to keep its large flower head happy. The most popular hydrangea varieties are Peasant Hydrangea, Forest Hydrangea, Plate Hydrangea, Velvet Hydrangea, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Panicle Hydrangea, and the Climbing Hydrangea. For a bridal bouquet with hydrangeas, the peasant hydrangea is usually used.


Last but not least are tulips. Unfortunately, also only available for a short time each year, but all the more gorgeous and beautiful for it. Tulips make their grand entrance in the spring months and delight every year anew with their timeless elegance. These popular spring flowers add colorful splashes of red, pink, white, orange, or yellow – some varieties even bloom black. Most tulips reach a growth height of 10 to 13 inches, making them perfect for bridal bouquets.

Besides the different shapes, there are also different types of tulips. Very famous are the parrot tulips, whose shape and coloring remind of the colorful plumage of a parrot. Also very famous and popular are the elegant French tulips, which can grow up to 35 inches long.

Let the flowers speak

Today, wedding flowers are primarily meant to create a celebratory vibe and increase the bride’s beauty. In the past, the choice of wedding flowers was of great importance, because many things were said “through the flower”. With each flower – whether ranunculus, gerbera, roses, or tulips – you can express emotion. You can still do this, just let the flowers “speak”.

Think about your floral decorations early on. It is sufficient if you start to get offers and ideas from florists about three months in advance. Ultimately, you should order your floral decorations at least four weeks before the big day. The type of flowers you choose will depend on the style of the wedding reception, your personality, and of course, your preferences.


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