Seville, with its historical charm and warm sunlight, became the perfect backdrop for Bella and Craig’s intimate wedding who traveled from the United Kingdom to celebrate their love under the glorious Spanish sun . Their love story started to come alive from the moment they reached out to me, interested in our elopement packages in Seville. However, what began as a simple creation of a ceremony transformed into something much more meaningful and emotional.

From the very beginning, we connected deeply. Bella shared her dream of celebrating an intimate Hindu wedding in the Andalusian capital with her 11 family members, in addition to the elopement ceremony she was already organizing with me. She confided in me that finding an organizer who truly understood her vision and needs was being quite difficult and was wondering if this was something that I could help her with. It was at that moment that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and offer to assist them in planning this unique experience; their intimate Hindu and elopement wedding in Seville.

The first part of this two-day wedding was the Hindu ceremony. After an exhaustive search for venues that captured the essence they were looking for, we chose the idyllic courtyard of Restaurant Manolo León, located in the heart of the city. With the bride in love with Seville’s oranges, we decided to incorporate this detail into every aspect of the traditional Hindu wedding and also the elopement. The result was something truly beautiful and special, with an emotional Hindu ceremony followed by a cocktail with a flamenco show and a lunch that left everyone enchanted.

The next day, it was time for the elopement, what Bella and Craig affectionately called “the European wedding.” For this day, they wanted something more romantic but also with an urban touch. The ceremony, which I created as the officiant, was personalized with their love story, including the symbolic ritual of handfasting and, of course, the details of the oranges in the symbolic signing. For the entrance of the bride and the just married moment, some live music was prepared.

After this emotional ceremony, guests enjoyed a tourist tour of the city center while the newlyweds embarked on a cool and urban photoshoot through the old town. Seville became the perfect backdrop to capture the essence of their love in every picturesque corner.

Bella and Craig’s intimate wedding in Seville was much more than a planned event; it was the realization of a shared dream and the creation of memories they will be cherish for a lifetime. The combination of Hindu traditions and European elegance in this vibrant city made this wedding truly unique and meaningful for everyone involved. Me included!

Of course, creating something so beautiful would not have been possible without the trust of Bella and Craig and the entire team that has accompanied me on this adventure: Rosseblanc for the photographs, Decosur Eventos for the decoration and flowers, Juan Carlos for the Hindu ceremony, Tamara Fructos for makeup and hair, the flamenco group, the musicians, and the Manolo Leon Restaurant opening its doors for this event.


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