Your love story comes to life again during a symbolic ceremony designed with and for you. Your friends and family will interact and as an experienced wedding celebrant in Spain, we will provide you with ideas to make your ceremony unforgettable.



A personalized ceremony, but offering the ceremony in different languages. You can choose from Spanish, English, French, Dutch or German. We will create an emotional and bespoke ceremony for all your national and international guests.



An intimate ceremony… Only you, your witnesses, the wedding celebrant in Seville and the photographer. To enjoy your love in a wonderful and quiet place in Seville. We will remember your love story and seal the ceremony with vows written by you.

Wedding celebrant in Spain, Wedding celebrant in Málaga, Wedding Celebrant in Seville, Elopements in Seville


For us your love story is the most important part of such a special day. We love to know every detail of your life together: how did you meet, what was the proposal like,… and weave all these beautiful details into your ceremony that we will create and write especially for you.


We are specialized in symbolic rites that are wonderful to add that magical touch to your wedding ceremony and that is why we always offer this service to all of our lovely couples.

Wedding celebrant in Spain, Wedding celebrant in Málaga, Wedding Celebrant in Seville, Elopements in Seville
Wedding celebrant in Spain, Wedding celebrant in Málaga, Wedding Celebrant in Seville, Elopements in Seville


As experienced wedding celebrants in Spain, we offer ceremonies in different languages. Currently we can perform your ceremony in these 5 languages: Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German.

Boda Bilingüe Valle y Cris - Wedding Celebrant in Seville


Enjoy that feeling of complete intimacy . Feel the emotions without fear of shedding some tears. Every kiss, every caress, a pure naked feeling. Just the two of you in a magical place.

“I do’s ” from the deepest of your hearts

Our Team of


Diana lacroix oficiante de bodas bilingues - Wedding Celebrant in Seville

Diana Lacroix

Clara Martín Maestra de Ceremonias Bilingües

Clara Martín


Ben and Ozzy

Diana was our wedding celebrant in Seville, and from the moment we met her we knew she was the perfect person for the job! She’s timely, professional and driven. She’s genuine and helps you plan every detail of your ceremony. She has excellent taste, delicate, fashionable and trendy. All our guests loved her and our ceremony. Don’t hesitate to contact her. Also, can’t believe how available she was even though she had just had a baby, and this was so important to us since it was difficult to communicate with our vendors while planning from abroad. Diana will make the process a breeze!

Aliza and Miguel

For us our wedding day was beyond what we had dreamed. Many many people came to us after the ceremony to congratulate us about how beautiful the ceremony was: the structure, the organization and the execution. Diana worked with us to create such an organized structure that was personalized, romantic, elegant and serious at the same time. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism since the time we made the decision to go with you.

Amanda and Toni

Diana was our wedding celebrant in Seville this year and we can not be more happy that with chose her! She is not only an excellent professional and speaker adapting the ceremony to all your wishes, but also a kind soul and lovely person. We can not recommend her enough.

Ines and Ulrik

Diana was the best wedding celebrant in Spain we could have chosen, and she was simply fantastic! Our wedding was extremely multicultural, and Diana did an amazing job officiating our wedding in English and Spanish in Seville. Our guests loved her! She is very helpful, kind, patient, and an absolutely lovely person. Thank you so much again for your wonderful job, Diana!

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