Would you like your wedding to be an unforgettable party? Would you like to dance and laugh and have a good time the whole night? Then, keep on reading because I am going to introduce you to one of the most important companies in Andalusia: Gestimusik.

When you think about your big day, of course everything starts with that romantic ceremony, then you enjoy some appetizers, which is the perfect moment to greet everyone, chat and congratulate the couple. And after dinner, guests usually only think of one thing: the party!

For many couples “the party” or the open bar is one of the best moments of their wedding and look forward to preparing it with great care However, for a wedding party to be a success, it is essential to work with experienced professionals who will help you create an unforgettable night.

Gestimusik: A Complete Service of Sound, Lightning and Animation for Weddings

Gestimusik is a company based in Seville that offers services throughout Andalusia and the rest of Spain. With more than 25 years of experience, they advise their clients in the most complete and comprehensive way in order to help them set up the party of their dreams.

Gestimusik, dj and animation for weddings in Spain

Although its main activity is the DJ and animation for weddings in Spain service, they also offers other types of additional services such as: music groups, flamenco groups, 80s bands, jazz vocalists, swing groups, tunas and mariachis, guitarists, and so much more.

In my opinio, the secret of this company is that its owner, Fran Alegre, advises and helps each of his clients. For him, counseling is crucial.

I have dedicated my life to social event music for more than 25 years. During this time I have produced and animated more than 10,000 weddings and I have learned that music is one of the essential parts of a wedding and the only one that leads us to create unforgettable emotional moments.
Professional entertainer, sound technician, singer, musician, technician in acoustic physics and event lighting,… my training covers all areas to be able to advise each couple and create a bond of trust for their peace of mind.
The passion, affection and love that I put into each wedding is only understandable because I breathe weddings 24 hours a day throughout the year, since even my wife is a Wedding Planner. It is a full, exclusive and professional dedication to a level of service and involvement that is difficult to find.
That’s me…. a person capable of creating magic at a wedding… do you believe in magic?

Fran Alegre Gestimusik Dj para bodas - Gestimusik: Dj and Animation for Weddings in Spain

Since it is so difficult to get to know the services of an animation company up close, we have asked its CEO, Fran Alegre, some very interesting questions that will surely help you a lot.

¿What makes your service different from others?

We are a fun and stylish animation company. Each couple has a wedding and party concept and our specialty is to adapt to each one of them and create personalized weddings. That is our goal: musically creating the wedding that each couple dreams of.

I don’t know where to start. Do you have an advisory service? How does it work?

For us, a personal contact is non-negotiable. In an era of messages and social networks, we understand that a wedding is a very special event where human warmth is absolutely essential. We offer trust and peace of mind, which is why meetings with couples are very important in order to capture the essence of each wedding.

In the same way that a catering company offers “a menu tasting”, we offer “a musical menu tasting” so that everything is as the couple had imagined. Our 25 years of experience help us to advise effectively so that the couple knows and feels everything will turn out as they want.

Gestimusik, dj and animation for weddings in Spain

Tell us a little more about your Dj and Animation for Weddings service.

At a wedding, each guest has a different taste in music, sometimes even comes from a different culture, are of different ages. In addition, each wedding couple has a concept of animation and fun, so you can’t be doing, for example, choreography songs all the time, nor can the dj ignore the requests of the guests as if he was playing for himself. Everything is more complex.

In our opinion, you have to find a line of action with the couple in order to create the open bar they want. Our most common and successful work tools for a dj and animation for weddings are: extensive knowledge of the repertoire, not abusing any specific style to keep most of the guests dancing for as long as possible, and what we call “floor psychology” to quickly adapt to every moment of the party.

Do you accept song requests before and during the party?

That depends on each wedding couple, they have the upper hand. Normally, they do not object to requests, but more and more the bride and groom want to eliminate rare or conflicting songs, that is why, together with the list of essential songs and musical tastes, we request a list of prohibited songs or styles that are respected during the wedding. We like to carry weddings fully prepared and leave as little as possible to improvisation.

What kind of set ups and lighting do you offer?

We offer from basic set ups to large light and sound structures, however the chosen set up depend on several variables. The first thing to take into account is the budget and the importance of the party to the bride and groom but also the physical-acoustic characteristics of the place and the number of guests.

Independently, we advise each couple so that the cost/set up ratio is adequate and does not clash with the rest of the wedding. To give you an example, if the wedding has 60 guests, it doesn’t make much sense to set up a square structure with lights, moving heads, etc. but if the bride and groom want it, we’ll set it up for them. Every wedding is a world and we love to create pure magic.

Remember that the wedding party is one of the moments in which the guests enjoy the most and the bride and groom too. There are no more nerves, and the only thing left is enjoying to the fullest in the company of friends and family. Having that professional team that will make your dream come true is of vital importance.


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