Weddings celebrate the union between husband and wife, their everlasting love, their mutual devotion, and admiration. Weddings are one of the few things carving deep memories into our consciousness, a day to remember and talk about to your loved ones, children, and grandchildren for years to come. It represents a monumental moment in the life of the individual. Girls have fantasized about that day since they were little, while guys have never given it much consideration but would love for it to happen. For the day to be more than perfect, we thought of 4 essential things you’ll need for the most beautiful day in your life.

Wedding dress 

The wedding dress is presumably the most essential part of every wedding. The bride’s pick can go on for months, as she looks through the many choices available, over and over again. A wedding dress is known to be expensive as well, and some prices range from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. Generally picking the right dress comes down to your personal preferences, what you love, what you have in mind, and if the dress is matching all the items you’ll be wearing. We recommend thinking of a wedding dress as more of an item, and never forget how the most important part is being beside your loved one. Nevertheless, we summed up some tips that might help you narrow down the choice. 

First of all, location is everything. The wedding dress should not only match all the other items you’ll be wearing, rather the occasion itself. And even though this might sound a bit redundant, hear us out. If you are planning a beach wedding or a wedding ceremony in the open, we highly recommend ditching all the long gowns, or if you happen to say the “I do” in a more holy place, maybe it would be more appropriate to wear something longer, without an open back or something you could wear at a party. 

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Then again, think of your financial possibilities. Yes, wedding dresses are not bought every day. Yes, you’ll probably wear it once and never again, however, setting a budget will not only narrow down the choice, it will save you the money you would rather spend on an exotic honeymoon. After all, as we said, the most important part is being with the one you love. 

Think on time, meaning never wait for the last minute to buy a dress. We encourage buying a dress months before the actual wedding, as it will save you additional stress and pressure. 

Jewelry and accessories 

It’s entirely up to you when it comes to the jewelry and accessories you’ll be wearing at your wedding. However, we have some suggestions to consider for that very special and unique day of your life. Earrings come first, and the choice really depends on the kind of dress you’ll be wearing. A beautiful wedding gown calls for a pair of diamond and white gold “flower drops,” yet a more modest gown would be better served by a set of minimalistic stud earrings or “little primrose,” elegant yet simple, stylish yet sophisticated and wealthy.

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Then again, there is the ring, a key component of the whole outfit. Wedding rings are something you are surprised with, and if your loved one got them at, you’ll be on the safe side as they offer a selection of beautiful and extravagant wedding rings. Bracelets are not seen often on a bride, however, a small and thin rose gold or white gold bracelet with small diamonds or embroidering can give you the perfect look. It should match the necklaces, ring, or at least the earrings, and make sure it does because a showy bracelet that isn’t in tune with the other accessories will draw attention away from you. The necklaces might be a gold chain with pearls or something more understated to fit with the earrings. It all boils down to your preference and what you find appealing and sophisticated.

The makeup and hair 

This can take several hours, and we recommend getting up early that day to make it on time and perfect. We recommend doing the hair and make-up at a professional, or if you feel confident enough, maybe you can do it yourself. A subtle and discreet look looks sophisticated and elegant. It gives you that special “je ne sais quoi”, something indescribable and attractive. Avoid heavy make-up as, during a long day, chances are you’ll sweat or cry which can smear it or just make you anxious. 

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“Something blue”

The old English saying going back to the 19th century, suggests having something old, new, borrowed, and blue at your wedding. Every single item has a special meaning, and the last item on the list symbolizes fidelity, and richness and is supposed to prevent the “ evil eye”. Whether you are superstitious or not, the last thing should be a bouquet, for the bride’s maids to catch. The tradition is old and has been kept alive wedding after wedding. It is the creme on top of a wedding, and let’s be real, have you ever seen a bride without it. 

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We hope this day will be remembered and perfect, as you have always wished for it to be. 


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