About me

About me



My name is Diana Lacroix and I am the creator and editor of this wedding blog. I am a girl from Belgium who moved to Seville in 2005.
Yes, it was a very big change in my life but I am delighted! Although in Belgium people live very well due to the good jobs and the stability that the country gives, it has nothing to do with my life in Spain. I love tapas and drinks and those typical summer nights here in Seville.


I can assure you that moving to the South inicially caused me kind of a big cultural shock since I did not speak Spanish very well in the first place.
I still remember all the times my friends had to draw me things during conversations because I barely understood them. Also I invented many new words like and had to kind of always describe most of the words I was looking for.


Although nowadays, people do not realize that I am a foreigner because I have even a Spanish accent, the truth is that I have never gotten used to the feminine and masculine words or the past tense of verbs. This is something I struggle with sometimes which of course can lead to very funny situations.

About the Blog

Llevaba mucho tiempo con ganas de escribir un blog pero no me atrevía mucho debido a mi a veces incorrecta escritura del idioma. Primero he empezado a ver los blog de la gente y he visto que hay muchos tipos de blogs, la mayoría son artículos (muy buenos por cierto) sobre algún tema escrito por (o a mi me lo parece) periodistas, columnistas etc… Pero sabia que yo no quería nada con tono tan estricto y estirado 🙂


When I started preparing my own wedding I decided to take the step and write about my experience and the ideas that I had been finding along the way. Since I wasnn't a journalist or columnist, rather a very happy foreigner, I decided to create a personal blog but related to the wedding world!


In the beginning I started writing for myself and my guests, sharing little secrets of my own wedding. But without realizing it, the blog started to grow to be an authentic wedding blog inspiring thousands of brides. And of course this made me very happy. Nowadays Diario de una Novia is a profesional blog and I dedicate myself on a daily basis to giving advice and performing beautiful humanistic wedding ceremonies.


If you are a wedding vendor and you are interested in a collaboration , do not hesitate to write me


Welcome to my blog!


Muacks x

For any doubts, questions or proposals do not hesitate to contact me at hola @ diariodeunanovia .es

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